Apply to Become an Academic Mentor


Application Instructions

  • Have all information ready for submission:
    • PDF versions of your resume and transcript.
    • Email contact information for 1 Academic Faculty reference.
  • Click on the application link below.
  • Complete the entire application. Note: if you need to start and come back to the application you are able to do that. The website will provide you with login information if you need to resume at a later time.
  • Submit your completed application with all required documents no later than 5pm on Monday January 30, 2017.
  • Are you experiencing issues with the online application? Please contact Stephanie Jones at

Have you been a Student Staff Member before and are reapplying this year? Contact Stephanie Jones at

Reference Form Instructions

  • Follow up with references to ensure that references have submitted the reference letter no later than 5pm on Monday January 30th, 2017.