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Documents and Forms

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All Honors Program forms are available online. Download each form, type in the information, print the form, get the required signatures, and submit to the Honors Program office by the deadline date. Some forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader.



  • Acceptance Form [PDF]
    Incoming Students Only
  • Letter of Recommendation form [WEB] [PDF]
    Teacher recommendation form for students applying to the Honors Program. Two recommendations are required, and must include this form in addition to the recommendation letter. In lieu of submitting a paper form, you may instead use the [WEB] link next to the link to the paper form to submit all required information electronically.
  • Living Learning Community Application [WEB]

Changing Status


Honors Course Schedule

Honors Graduate Course Approval

Honors in the Major

Honors Points

Honors Senior Thesis/Project in the Major

Honors Student Ambassadors Program

Incoming Honors Student Retreat

  • 2016 Retreat Brochure and Reservation Form [PDF]
    The Retreat is an excellent opportunity to get to know other Honors students and staff while learning more about the Program. Activities include: games, volleyball, kayaking, swimming, and a 2-hour Lake Tahoe lunch cruise aboard the M.S. Dixie II.
  • 4-H Waiver [PDF]

International Study

  • Hon 410 Pre-Departure Form [PDF]
    If you wish to enroll in HON 410 upon return from studying abroad, this form must be read, signed, and submitted to Honors staff prior to departure.
  • Honors Study Abroad Scholarship Applications [PDF]
    Fill out only one of the two forms in this file, which correspond to whether you will be participating on a USAC program or on a program administered by another organization or university. Also note the deadlines by which the form must be submitted.
  • Leave of Absence form [WEB]
    This online form must be completed prior to departure if you are studying abroad for a semester or more. If you are studying abroad during a Wintermester or summer sessions only, this form is NOT required.
  • Study Abroad Blog [WEB]
    This link takes you to an excellent example of the type of photos and content for HON 410 blog updates while abroad.

National Fellowships

Permission to Publicize Name


Student Handbook

Student Research and IRB

Submitting your Honors Thesis

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