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Rahul Thareja

Rahul Thareja

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Rahul Thareja is the College of Science representative and a PhD student in Department of Mining Engineering, University of Nevada Reno.

Rahul is looking forward to serve his fellow graduate students and aims at promoting the presence of graduate student body in the campus. Rahul chairs the GSA Differential Tuition Ad-Hoc Committee and serves on the GSA Service Committee, Student Union Retail Committee and Interim Finance Committee. Rahul has been working on the NIOSH grant titled "Weak rock mass in Nevada gold mines: Behavior, support design and performance." The primary objective of the research is to address various ground control design issues in weak rock masses currently faced by most underground mines operating in Nevada, and thus help enhance safety of mining operations in weak rock formations. In this research work, Rahul's primary role is in the numerical modeling of the weak rock conditions in various mines and calibration of the model according to the instrumentation data from the underground mines of different cases. Rahul is a registered Engineering Intern and has passed the Professional Engineering (P.E.) Exam in Mining and Metallurgical Engineering in Oct 2014 - Pending Experience and License in State of Nevada. Feel free to contact him on LinkedIn ( ) or via email ( )

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