Kylie Rowe

Kylie A. Rowe

Kylie Rowe is a two-time UNR alumna passionate about representing the College of Business and graduate population.  Kylie's research, education, and work experience at UNR has provided her with unique insight into how UNR operates and what makes it a great University.

Rowe studied Economics as an undergraduate at UNR and later earned a Masters in Social Work.  She is currently working towards a Masters in Business Administration, focusing on entrepreneurship, economic development and finance.  She has gained multiple years of cross-sector experience, honing her skills in research, evaluation, and growing a passion for public-private partnerships and philanthropy.

Outside of her studies, Kylie works as University of Nevada faculty, coordinating program implementation and evaluation for a large multi-year federal grant, and also manages a Nevadaworks Local Workforce Investment contract. Rowe is also a local real estate entrepreneur with investment properties located in Midtown Reno.

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