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Jacob Neely

Jacob Neely Portrait

My name is Jacob Neely and I was recently elected to my first year of service for the GSA. I am pursuing a masters degree in the Foreign Language and Literature Department with an emphasis in Spanish. I am in my second and final year of my program.

I currently teach Spanish 111 and 112 for my department and have taught Core Humanities 203 (the American Experience) in the past. I am fluent in Spanish and English and I am slowly developing my skills in French.
I decided to participate in GSA to get more involved in university life, to develop inter-departmental connections and resources, and to work to promote the same bright, welcoming attitude towards out grads and PhD candidates that we afford to our incoming undergraduates. By the end of the year I would like to at least see the beginnings of an interdisciplinary portal through which grads at Nevada and network and develop their studies together, as well as develop a branch of graduate Student Ambassadors trained to attract, inform and welcome new graduate students, as this is an area that can be further developed. I can be contacted at my university email, or feel free to drop by my office in Cain Hall, EJCH 236A. Have a wonderful day!

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