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Student Government

Official Picture Council Members 2013

Any graduate or graduate special in good academic standing may run for office or representative seat. The Association is governed by a constitution, bylaws and binding and non-binding policies. The GSA government functions through the Council of Representatives, Executive Council and established committees.

Executive Officers

Tyler Ross

JCSU 302 - A
(775) 784-1604  

Rovene Coy

Vice President, Internal Affairs
JCSU 302 - C
(775) 784-1604  

Sandesh Kannan

Vice President, External Affairs
JCSU 302 - C
(775) 784-1604

Student Services


Director Student Services
JCSU 302-B

Kyle Kuczynski

Marketing Coordinator 
JCSU 302-D
(775) 750-2897

Rebecca Moser

Frontdesk Assistant
JCSU 302
(775) 327-5190

Household Items Coordinator
JCSU 302
(775) 327- 5190

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