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Public Transportation

UNR Students

By Graduate Student Ricardo Saldivar

As you might know, moving around without a car could be one of the most challenging things when moving from another city or country. In Reno, we have the Sierra Spirit bus which you can ride for as little as 25cents and runs from Campus to Downtown Reno every 15minutes.
If you need to go farther, you can go to the bus station on 4th and Lake st. You can easily get there from campus by walking or by taking the Sierra Spirit bus. The station at 4th serves a variety of destinations in and out of Reno.

Within Reno

If you are looking to move around town, for shopping or visiting friends, you can check all the bus routes that are served by this station. These routes are also integrated on Google maps, so you can easily plan your trip online. Remember to select the "by bus" option.

As an UNR student, you can rent cars per hour, which is very handy if you need to do something during the day.

To see a full description of your options around campus, you can visit the UNR parking and transportation website.

Outside Reno

The public transportation system can take you to these near by locations:

Carson City

Carson City is the Capital of the State of Nevada, located 32 miles away. You can access it easily using the Intercity Bus which departs from the 4th street station downtown.

South Lake Tahoe

Believe it or not, you can get to South Lake Tahoe by bus! There are two options, one is to do it by public transportation, which is very cheap--less than $10 round-trip. You have to be dedicated and it will take a couple of hours to get there, so maybe go with some friends, and make it an adventure.
First of all, you would have to take the Intercity Bus to Carson City, then you can connect with the Blue Go Lake Valley Express Route 21X. A faster but more expensive option, is to take the Reno Tahoe Express, for $53 round-trip; it has departures almost every hour.

Bay Area - San Francisco

To go to San Francisco, there is a cheap bus company called Mega-bus, which travels from Downtown Reno to San Francisco. If you make reservations with plenty of time, you can even get tickets for as little of $1.
The service point is on West 5th St.  (between North Sierra and North Virginia streets ) in Reno and hosts two daily arrivals and departures to Sacramento and San Francisco.

Reno-Tahoe Airport

In Reno, we are really lucky to have an airport right in the middle of town. The average commute from the farthest part of town would be 15 minutes. The Reno-Tahoe Airport has the best location, is a small well-run airport and you usually can get in and out in less than an hour.

Ricardo Saldivar Portrait

"I am an MBA student at UNR and originally from Chile. I love skiing and when I first moved to Reno I didn't have a car. Even though in the US, it is not easy to move around without one, I survived. I went to San Francisco several times, South Lake Tahoe, Carson and other places. It was definitely an experience, but a fun one!"

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