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Outstanding Graduate Club

Program Overview: This award is open to any recognized GSA club. The criteria for outstanding GSA club of the year includes the following: service to students, service to community, fundraising and collaboration with other clubs/organizations. The winning club will be awarded $250 in additional club funding to spend as they choose (per GSA Club Funding Guidelines). In addition to the monetary award, the winner of this award will be added to the plaque in the GSA office.

Eligibility: Any currently recognized GSA Club may submit an application for this award. This award is judged by the Executive Council. In the case of a conflict of interest the council member will be replaced with a proxy judge for that club. Anyone may nominate a club for this award. Submission materials include a club statement describing the uniqueness of the club, mission of the club, membership data, service to the community, service to students, collaboration with other clubs, fundraising efforts, and marketing/promotion of events.

Application Instructions:Please submit one copy of your application packet to the GSA Office (JCSU 302, Mail Stop 0057). Applications must be submitted to the GSA Office in hard copy. Emails or electronic submissions will not be accepted. Completed application packets, including all supporting documentation, should be delivered to the GSA Offices, on the third floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union. Your application packet must include the following:

  • Completed two-page application

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