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Childcare Scholarship

Program Overview: The Child Care Scholarship program is designed to help promote new applicants, graduation rates, and retention rates for graduate students who have children. The Graduate Student Association provides supplemental assistance to a limited number of students, based on availability of fund. Applications will be reviewed by a GSA-appointed committee, and scholarships will be selected based on availability of funds.The maximum scholarship amount is $500.00.

Eligibility: To qualify for a GSA Child Care Scholarship, students must be enrolled in at least 9 graduate credits per semester, or at least six credits with a graduate assistantship. Students must have and maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average. The child or children must be enrolled in a Nevada state licensed child care facility or provider. Award recipients will be selected based on financial need. Work-study and outside employment will be taken into consideration. Priority will be given to first-time applicants, those enrolled in more credits, single income families, and those with greatest financial need. Students will be eligible for up to two semesters while completing a master's degree, and up to four semesters while completing a doctoral degree; a new application must be submitted each semester.

Application Instructions: Applicants must fill out the Childcare Scholarship Application in its entirety. Applications must also include:

  • a two-page letter explaining the need for an award
  • recent W-2 forms and current pay stubs for both applicant and spouse (if applicable)
  • verification of current child care expenses
  • and verification of the child care provider's license to practice in the state of Nevada.

Disbursal of Scholarships: GSA Child Care Scholarships will be disbursed by the Financial Aid office. It is the responsibility of the applicant to meet with the Financial Aid office to determine the impact of this award on any current or future financial aid.

Contact Information: Questions may be directed to the Graduate Student Association offices (784.4629, Completed application packets, including all supporting documentation, should be delivered to the GSA Offices, on the third floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union, or mailed to:

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