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Graduate Student Profiles


Stephanie Woolf
Stephanie Woolf

After starting a new career in higher education, I realized that I needed to continue my education to a terminal degree in order to be of greater value to the institution and to be able to provide myself with additional opportunities. I was very hesitant to start graduate school, as a single mother of three children I had been out of college for 12 years. As most people, I worried about juggling all of the roles of life. From the moment I decided to attend, faculty and staff at the University of Nevada, Reno assisted me along my journey. I have received wonderful support and understanding from the faculty in my program. I am treated not just as another student, but as a person with dreams and ambitions - a person where the faculty truly wants me to succeed. I encourage all prospective graduate students to get active and get into a program. You will be glad you did!

Matthew Lesenyie
Matthew Lesenyie

After working in California politics for four years, I decided to work on a Master’s so I could reach my goal of teaching political science at the community college level. In addition to research expertise, I believe it is important to bring work experience and understanding to the classroom. Most students will not work in University settings, so it is important to have teachers that understand what makes a successful career outside academe. I have found a balance of subject expertise and professional development at the University of Nevada, Reno. Working closely with my adviser Dr. Stacy Fisher, I am studying with a leader in the Congressional Behavior field, focused on original research and successfully planning a teaching career after graduation. She understands my background well, since we are both UC Davis and State Capitol alums. The financial aid and teaching opportunities at the University of Nevada, Reno are top notch and make success in graduate school obtainable.

Katherine Robinson
Katherine Robinson

When I originally started college, I was a vocal performance major. In my sophomore year, I decided that my academic passion was history, and I changed my major. As an undergraduate student, I developed a passion for 20th century history. I chose to pursue my master’s degree in history at the University of Nevada, Reno in part because of the fabulous faculty in the history department here. Pursuing a master’s degree in history at the University of Nevada, Reno has been an enlightening experience and I have greatly benefitted from the faculty subject expertise, research opportunities and mentoring I have received as a graduate student in the history program. As a graduate teaching assistant in the program, I have enjoyed numerous research and teaching opportunities which provided me with invaluable experience for my future academic and professional goals. I am glad that I chose Nevada as the place to pursue my master’s degree. Attending Nevada gave me the opportunity to augment my academic knowledge in a program that promotes excellent historical scholarship and interaction with faculty and other graduate students.

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