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The Graduate School does not accept ANY handwritten forms, including applications. All forms on the Graduate School website are interactive. Fill them out online, circulate for signatures, and submit to the Graduate School (campus mail stop 0326). If a handwritten form is submitted, it will be returned and will delay the approval process.

The Program of Study form is an official agreement between the student and the department. Every student must submit this form for graduation review. The form lists all courses required for degree completion, establishes the advisory committee with the Graduate School, and the form is evaluated in accordance with department and university policies. Master's degree students should complete the form by the end of the student's third semester and doctoral students should complete the form by the end of the student's fourth semester. The form is to be submitted no later than the semester prior to graduation. This allows sufficient time for approval review and any potential enrollment requirements.

Every student will submit the Notice of Completion (Doctoral, Master's) form their graduating semester. This is a generic form for over 70 graduate programs and it relates to your cumulative project (Dissertation, thesis, professional paper, comprehensive exam). Fill out the sections that apply for your requirements. The advisory committee listed on the program of study signs the form. The notice of completion must be submitted by established deadlines for graduation.

Students who enroll in dissertation and thesis credits should review:

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