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What to Bring

camping tents

Contact Field Camp Coordinator
Joel DesOrmeau:

Coming Soon:  A link to a PDF file with What you are REQUIRED to bring in terms of sleeping gear, field gear, personal and optional items.

What NOT to bring:
o Pets of any sort.
o Significant others, friends, etc.
o Firearms or large knives (may be grounds for immediate dismissal).
o Mountain bikes, kayaks, or other large gear that is difficult to transport.

What we will provide:
o Common gear for camp (cooking gear, tables, benches, water, etc.).
o Vehicles for field work.
o Consumable supplies (food, TP, etc.).
o Camp and vehicle first aid gear.
o Some drafting supplies.
o Brunton compasses, GPS receivers, etc. (if you use one of the UNR Bruntons, we will require a $75.00 CASH deposit that is refundable when you return the compass intact).
o Laptop computers and printers (limited in number, but sufficient for writing and printing reports).

Coming Soon:  A link to a PDF file with Field Safety Information and Information that you need to provide to us (insurance etc).

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