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What to Bring

camping tents

Contact Field Camp Coordinator
Joel DesOrmeau:

What you are REQUIRED to bring:

The following is the list of required gear presented as a checklist.  Please go over this several times before you arrive at camp as there are few opportunities to get some of these items once we are on the road.  Note that your gear should be packed in a compact manner, in soft luggage such as a duffel bag.  Typically, we expect that you will be able to pack virtually everything you bring to camp in a large-size duffel.  The exception might be a sleeping bag, which can be packed separately.  We will have access to laundry facilities weekly.  If you have questions about what to bring, please contact the camp director.

Sleeping gear - note that we will not be camping; sleeping bags are for use on beds in our field station.
o Warm sleeping bag (it can get very cold in Nevada at night, even in our field station).
o Pillow, for use in our field station (please try to bring a relatively small and compressible pillow).

Field gear
o Day pack large enough to fit lunch, water, field supplies, extra clothing, rock samples, etc.
o Water bottles or hydration cell (at least 3 liters is recommended).
o Rock hammer.
o Hand lens (preferably 10x).
o Acid bottle (UNR will provide acid when you get to camp).
o Brunton compass if you want to use your own (note: you can rent these from UNR; see below).
o Durable field notebook (e.g., Rite-in-the Rain; a steno/spiral-bound notebook will not work).
o Pencils, erasers, and sharpener and/or waterproof pens (mechanical pencils are a good idea).
o Map board or clipboard (we recommend that your map/clipboard have minimal ferrous material in it or you may have compass issues!); a simple and effective map board can be made from two pieces of 9x12 plexiglass (3/32 thick) or similar material held together by some duct tape.  Also, there are a number of outlets on the internet that can provide a wide variety of premade map boards.
o Personal, pocket-sized first aid kit - particularly include any critical medicines that you may need.

Drafting equipment
o Small plastic protractor.
o Scale rulers (one 6" and one 12" flexible ruler with standard and metric sides will be very useful; we recommend the C-thru brand, usually available at campus bookstores; get spares too, they're cheap).
o Colored pencils.  We recommend "Berol PRISMACOLOR Verithin Colored Pencil Set of 24" which can be found online at many art stores for about $10.
o Permanent markers for drafting contacts, faults, etc., on final project maps. "Sakura Pigma Micron Pen" is recommended and can be found at art stores or online.  We recommend at least three (all black): 0.20, 0.30, and 0.45 micron (and you may want extras).
o We will provide tracing paper and other necessary paper items.

Personal items
o A range of clothing to cover the anticipated weather conditions (which could range from freezing to 90 degrees!); HATS ARE ESSENTIAL!!
o Good field boots (please break them in before coming to camp) and plenty of heavy-duty socks.
o Personal toiletries and medications (including sunscreen and lip balm).
o Wristwatch or other timepiece (required for meeting rendezvous times).
o Any medical needs.

What you MAY want to bring: optional items

If you own some of the items below, you may wish to bring them.  We have never had a problem with theft, but remember that we will be in places where it will be difficult to lock up expensive gear.  UNR cannot accept responsibility for personal items.
o Cell phone and charger (for safety purposes).
o Inexpensive (or expensive if you prefer) digital camera for field photos.
o Your own GPS receiver (UNR will provide GPS receivers as needed for projects, but if you prefer to use your own that is fine).
o Laptop computer - can be very useful, but is not necessary (and we don't insure it).
o Binoculars.
o Pocket knife or leatherman tool.
o Whistle or other emergency signaling device.
o Flashlight or headlamp (LED lamps are recommended as they last a long time on batteries).
o Pocket calculator.

What NOT to bring:
o Pets of any sort.
o Significant others, friends, etc.
o Firearms or large knives (may be grounds for immediate dismissal).
o Mountain bikes, kayaks, or other large gear that is difficult to transport.

What we will provide:
o Common gear for camp (cooking gear, tables, benches, water, etc.).
o Vehicles for field work.
o Consumable supplies (food, TP, etc.).
o Camp and vehicle first aid gear.
o Some drafting supplies not listed above.
o Brunton compasses, GPS receivers, etc. (if you use one of the UNR Bruntons, we will require a $75.00 CASH deposit that is refundable when you return the compass intact).
o Laptop computers and printers (limited in number, but sufficient for writing and printing reports).

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