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Dr. Sean Long (Director)

Sean Long

Sean Long is a structural geologist, who is interested in many aspects of plate tectonics.  Sean's research focuses on the structural evolution of contractionally- and extensionally-deformed continental crust, in order to solve regional- to mountain belt-scale tectonic problems. He utilizes mapping-based field work, in conjunction with multiple techniques, including construction of balanced cross-sections, integration of geochronologic and thermochronologic data, and structural analysis, to understand the geometry, magnitude, and timing of deformation.  Sean is interested in multiple areas of the Western United States, and the Himalayan and Andean mountain belts.

Dr. John Muntean

John Muntean is an economic geologist with many years of mapping experience with the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, the mining and mineral exploration industry, and the U.S. Geological Survey. His main research interests are in the origin of and exploration for hydrothermal ore deposits, especially gold, silver, and copper. Although he has worked a all scales, most of his experience has been with detailed mapping at scales larger than 1:10,000, aimed at understanding geologic controls on the distribution of ore.

Dr. Chris Henry

Christopher Henry

Chris Henry uses geologic mapping, geochemistry, geochronology, and structural analysis to work on a wide range of applied geology problems.  Much of his work focuses on the interrelationship between magmatism, tectonics, and hydrothermal mineralization throughout western North America and especially in the Great Basin.  Additionally, his geologic mapping contributes to understanding earthquake hazards in western Nevada and eastern California.

Dr. Tom Anderson


Tom Anderson is a sedimentary petrologist/stratigrapher with research interests in Cambrian microbial reefs.  His research goals are to document the nature of early reefs, determine the environments in which they thrived, and apply these studies to the early Paleozoic evolution of western North America.  He has taught field geology in the Great Basin for forty years including three years at the University of Nevada, Reno field camp. He has also studied Paleogene turbidites on the Gualala Block in northern California.

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