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Greg B. Arehart: Active and Past Grants

  • Geology of the Camino Rojo epithermal system, Mexico (Goldcorp), July 2012-June 2014
  • Uplift and thermal signature of the Rackla Mineral Belt, Yukon (Yukon Geological Survey), July 2012-June 2013
  • The role of magma and fluid flow processes in association with magma/footwall interaction in distribution of copper, nickel, and platinum group elements in the Duluth Complex, Minnesota (Austrian National Science Foundation), June 2010-May 2013
  • New models for mineral Exploration in British Columbia: Is there a continuum between porphyry molybdenum deposits and intrusion-hosted gold deposits? (Adanac Mining Co. & Geoscience BC), June 2006-May 2008
  • Development of a new, safe, simple and rapid technique for silicate and oxide d18O analyses (NSF), September 2005-September 2007
  • Structural, Petrologic, Geochemical and Hydrothermal Characteristics of Concealed Geothermal Systems (DOE), May 2003-December 2006
  • Stable isotope constraints on source, contamination, and alteration of Great Basin igneous rocks, and implications for metal-bearing hydrothermal systems (NSF), July 2003-June 2007
  • Thermal profiling of gold deposits in the Bald Mountain area (Placer Dome Exploration), October 2003-December 2004
  • Dating of young igneous rocks associated with geothermal systems in the Great Basin (Department of Energy), June 2003-May 2005
  • Geochemical characterization of geothermal systems in the Great Basin: Implications for exploration, exploitation, and environmental issues (Department of Energy), March 2002-September 2003
  • Carbonate Alteration Aureoles for Carlin-Style Deposits (Newmont Mining), September 2001 - June, 2003
  • Exploratory drilling in the Florida canyon geothermal system (DOE/NREL), May 2003-April 2004
  • Ore deposits of Turkey and their regional setting (NATO): 1 March 2002 - 30 February 2004 (Collaborative research between US, Turkey, and Hungary)
  • Regional thermal structure around Carlin-type deposits (Placer Dome - Cortez Gold Mines & UNR Applied Research Initiative): 1 June 2002 - 31 May 2004
  • Acquisition of a Stable Isotope Facility to Study Earth and Environmental Systems and Processes (NSF): 1 October 1999 - 30 September 2001
  • Epithermal precious metal vein deposits in Nevada (UNR Applied Research Initiative): 1 June 1998 - 31 May 2000
  • Origin of Se-rich epithermal vein systems at Midas, Nevada (Euro-Nevada Joint Venture): 1 June 1998 - 31 May 2001
  • Age of formation of Carlin-type gold deposits and relationship to tectonic environments (NSF): 1 July 1998-30 June, 2000

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