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  • Area/Department: Geological Science and Engineering
  • Career Options: Although geophysics graduates commonly pursue advanced earth sciences degrees, many are employed directly by government agencies and private industry in fields such as resource exploration, environmental monitoring, geographic information systems and land management, geotechnical engineering, or natural hazard assessment.
Geophysics Hot Spring

Geophysics applies mathematical and physical principles to the study of the Earth and planets. The curriculum introduces the global properties of the Earth (gravity, magnetic field, crustal motions, interior dynamics) and the determination of near-surface and interior properties through the use of seismology, electromagnetics, potential fields, remote sensing, geodesy and GPS. The curriculum provides a broad grounding in physical and mathematical fundamentals useful for future graduate study or for work in energy, natural resource or engineering industries. Students will gain experience in the integrated application of geologic observations and geophysical measurements to the analysis of Earth science and related engineering problems using current, industry-standard computational and GIS tools.

Related Degrees and Programs

  • Geophysics, Minor: Guides students in an examination of the physical traits of the Earth and its interactions with space.
  • Geophysics, Bachelor of Science Degree: Provides a more rigorous examination of the Earth's physical traits and how it acts on celestial bodies and vice-versa. Aspects of geophysics includes the study of the Earth’s magnetic and gravitational fields, volcanism, the hydrological cycle, atmospheric studies and interactions with the Moon.
  • Geophysics, Master of Science Degree: Gives Geophysics students opportunities to narrow their studies in the global properties of the Earth. Disciplines within in the program include Economic Geology, Geochemistry, Planetary Geology and Sedimentology & Stratigraphy.
  • Geophysics, Doctor of Philosophy Degree: A rigorous academic program that gives students opportunities to explore disciplines such as Economic Geology, Geochemistry, Planetary Geology and Sedimentology & Stratigraphy.

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