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Kelli HooverKelli Hoover: DendroLab graduate student receives NSF-EPSCoR award

Kelli Hoover is determined to learn about stable isotopic measurements and how they can be used to investigate water cycling in mountain environments. Thanks to her resolve, laboratory skills, and previous experience, she has received a Graduate Research Assistantship from the statewide NSF-EPSCoR program on climate change to study water cycling in a ponderosa pine stand of southern Nevada. She is planning to complete her Master's thesis by summer of 2010.

Northern Nevada Student Planning Organization

A graduate student organization for planners and geographers. Visit

It is our goal to have another successful year involving students from Planning, Geography and any other discipline that are interested in what we do. One such opportunity in the near future is the state conference of the organization that sponsors us, the Nevada Chapter of the American Planning Association that will be held in Sparks in October of this year. We will also be discussing a transition of board members, so all who have any interest in an open position, please come to the meeting!

We want to welcome all current members as well as new students that are interested in our monthly meetings.for more information.

UNR Geography Club

To join on Facebook email: UNR Geography Club There you can join in on the discussion of what is new and upcomming in the field of geography and find the schedule for upcomming meetings.



The Student Association for International Water Issues, or SAIWI (pronounced "Say-wee" or ['sA-wE]) is a student organization at the University of Nevada, Reno, working to develop an understanding of global water issues and promote community empowerment through education and water resource development.