Nevada State Climate Office

YOUR Nevada Ciimate Office is jumping into fall with several important projects and collaborations. We just met with National Weather Service offices from the around the region, the Western Regional Climate Center, and the Utah and Idaho State Climatologists to share ideas and research in a climate workshop.


The water year is coming to an end on September 30th, sending office personnel back out into the wilds of Nevada to check, repair, recharge, and expand our precipitation storage gauge network. We are also organizing a new statewide push for observers on the phone and through local media, and trips to set-up and calibrate new and existing weather stations in the network are in the planning stage. 


Nevada's EPSCoR Program: NSF's Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research

EPSCoR programs provide funding for faculty to acquire state-of-the-art research equipment; upgrade and improve research facilities; and attract high-quality graduate and undergraduate students into science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) research areas. Programs enhance graduate education, stimulate undergraduate student research, promote the involvement of women and underrepresented groups in STEM and improve the pipeline for science and engineering through support of innovative K-12 science and math programs.


The Department of Geography houses several research facilities:

  • a Dendrochronology laboratory and palynology laboratory for paleoclimate reconstruction;
  • a Geospatial Lab and two instructional GIS Labs;
  • the Nevada State Climatologist and UNR weather station;
  • an extensive map collection; and equipment for field studies focusing on mountain environments, climatology and environmental reconstruction.

The department contains a laboratory for cartography, computer mapping, and GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

The Department of Geography is also a member of the Geographic Alliance in Nevada (GAIN).

Computing Facilities

The Geography Computing Facilites are housed in Mackay Science 221 and 222.

Graduate Student Offices

Graduate teaching assistants for the 100-level classes are assigned
office space in the Mackay Science Bldg.
Graduate research assistants have desk space allocated by their
faculty sponsor in associated lab/research space.

Cubicles in the graduate student room are available on a rotating basis.