Student Profiles

Dan Kozar

Dan maps his way home in GIS

After spending over 4 years working in the geospatial industry, Dan Kozar has returned home to complete a B.S. in Geography and Geographic Information Systems.  While Dan’s interest in his work grew so did his experience and skill set.  At UNR Dan has been working on multiple research projects doing data collection and management, field map production, and cartographic support.  Areas of Interest:  GIS, Data Processing and Project Management

Carrie Leahy
Carrie Leahy

Carrie Leahy was a senior looking for one last summer of fun and adventure that would at the same time help prepare her for a career in natural resources management and conservation. She found that with the U.S. Forest Service Stanislaus National Forest at Lake Alpine, CA. She spent the summer educating adults and children on important conservation topics relevant to the Sierra Nevada. She led hikes, conducted interpretive programs, and helped introduced folks to a wide array of wildlife in cooperation with the Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center.

Dagny Stapleton
It’s all in a day’s work for Dag

Dagny Stapleton loves Reno and works tirelessly to improve it.  She serves on the City’s Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board, chairs her Neighborhood Advisory Board and even coordinates the Fiesta on Wells parade each year.  When not championing Reno, you’ll find her challenging faculty and fellow students in our Land Use Planning Policy program.


Kelli Hoover

Kelli Hoover: DendroLab graduate student receives NSF-EPSCoR award

Kelli Hoover is determined to learn about stable isotopic measurements and how they can be used to investigate water cycling in mountain environments. Thanks to her resolve, laboratory skills, and previous experience, she has received a Graduate Research Assistantship from the statewide NSF-EPSCoR program on climate change to study water cycling in a ponderosa pine stand of southern Nevada. She is planning to complete her Master's thesis by summer of 2010.


Nikki Peterson
Nikki Peterson [Photo by Jean Dixon]

Nikki Peterson did not intend to get a degree in Geography, but while she was in her first physical Geography class, Hurricane Katrina was in the news. She soon discovered that all the curiosities she had about the hurricane, from the environmental conditions that developed it to the reasons people choose to stay in a particular place, were topics of interest to geographers. Four years later, she is on track to get a B.S. degree in Geography. As a McNair scholar, Nikki is working on a research project, “Localism and Northern Nevada Microbreweries,” which she has presented at the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers meeting in October 2009. She aspires to earn a Ph.D. and become a university professor.  

Quinn Korbulic

On the Border with Quinn Korbulic

Quinn, the GIS guru, comes to us from the great state of New Mexico to work on a Ph.D. in Geography.  At UNR, Quinn is researching the effects of domestic and foreign policy decisions on the rate of urban development along the Mexican border of the United States.  Spatial quantification of urban form along the border will aid in formulating the potential future consequences of policy choices on development patterns.

Gretchen Hill {Photo by Daniel Clark]

Gretchen Hill: From 9/11 to a college degree
May 11, 2009 - From Nevada News

The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 distressed many Americans. For McNair Scholar Gretchen Hill, the events did more than just that: they changed her entire direction in life. [Read More, PDF]

Cassie Hansen
Cassie Hansen: The Meticulous Mapmaker

April 7, 2009 - From Nevada News
Cassie Hansen won the 2007 National Geographic Award for mapping. This Ph.D. student is now only adding to her lengthy list of accomplishments ...
[Read More, PDF]