Thomas Albright Dr. Thomas P. Albright

Assistant Professor

Interests:conservation biogeography; ecoclimatology; landscape ecology and remote sensing
Contact: (775) 784-6673

Scott Bassett Dr. Scott Bassett

Associate Professor and
Director of Land Use Planning and Policy Program and
Director of Graduate Studies

Interests:  environmental planning, GIS, conservation biology, integrative modeling.
Contact: (775) 784-1434 Email: sbassett@unr.edu

Kate BerryDr. Kate Berry


Interests: water resources; Native American and ethnic geography; law and public policy.

Contact: (775) 784-6344

Email: kberry@unr.edu

Franco BiondiDr. Franco Biondi


Interests: climate-forest interactions, surface landscape processes, quantitative methods, dendrochronology.

Contact: (775) 784-6921

Email: fbiondi@unr.edu

Douglas Boyle Dr. Douglas P. Boyle

Associate Professor &
Nevada State Climatologist

Interests: surface water hydrology; snow hydrology; integrated modeling

Contact: (775) 784-6672

Email: douglasb@unr.edu

Chris Garner

Chris Garner
Project Manager, Hydrologic Research

Interests: integrated modeling, water markets, surface water hydrology, stream temperature modeling

Contact: (775) 784-6705

Email: cgarner@unr.edu

Jill HeatonDr. Jill Heaton

Associate Professor

Interests: GIS, desert ecology, spatial modeling; herpetology.

Contact: (775) 784-8056

Email: jheaton@unr.edu

Stephanie McAfee

Dr. Stephanie McAfee

Assistant Professor

Interests: applied climatology, downscaling, high-latitude climate

Contact: (775) 784-6999

Email: smcafee@unr.edu

Scott Mensing Dr. Scott Mensing

Professor and

Undergraduate Advising Coordinator

Interests: biogeography; quaternary studies; geographic information systems

Contact:(775) 784-6346

Email: smensing@unr.edu

Rohit PatilRohit Patil

Instructor, Analyst Remote Sensing/GIS Interests: GIS, remote sensing
Contact: 775.682.7839

Email: rohit@unr.edu

Paul StarrsDr. Paul Starrs
Professor and Department Chair
Interests: natural resources; cultural geography; cartography and graphic representation; Nevada and the American West.
Contact: (775) 784-6930
Chair Office 784-1865

Email: starrs@unr.edu

Scotty StrachanScotty Strachan
Coordinator, Environmental Research

Interests: Dendrochronology, Environmental Monitoring, Great Basin Climatology, Water Resources

Contact: (775) 327-2346

Email: scotty@dayhike.net

Adjunct Faculty

Nigel Allan, Ph.D.
Interests: cultural geography, mountain societies and habitats
Email: njrallan@ucdavis.edu;

Mella Harmon, M.S.
Interests: land use planning; historic preservation
Email: mellah@unr.edu;

Michael Kaplan, Ph.D.
Interests: synoptic climatology
Email: michael.kaplan@dri.edu

Alexandra Lutz, Ph.D.
Interests: international water development, groudwater hydrology
Email: Alex.Lutz@dri.edu;

Kenneth McGwire, Ph.D.
Interests: energy and water balance; vegetation analysis; remote sensing
Contact: (775) 673-7324

David A. Mouat, Ph.D.
Interests: arid lands and landscape dynamics
Contact: (775) 673-7402
Email: Dave.Mouat@dri.edu

Ken Nussear, Ph.D.
Interests: distributional limitations of plants and animals; desert ecology; physiological ecology; conservation biology
Email: knussear@usgs.gov

Victoria Randlett, Ph.D.
Interests: urban, historical and social geography
Contact: (775) 327-5078
Email: randlett@unr.edu

Peter Wigand, Ph.D.
Interests: geoarcheology, paleoecology, pollen and packrat midden analysis
Email: pewigand@gmail.com |



Shari Baughman Ms. Shari Baughman
Administrative Assistant IV
Contact: (775) 784-6687
Email: sbaughman@unr.edu

Administrative Assistant II
Contact: 775-784-6995