Franco Biondi

Dr. Franco Biondi

Associate Professor

University of Nevada, Reno
Department of Geography Mailstop 154
Reno, NV 89557-0154

(775) 784-6921
Fax: (775) 784-1058

Office: Mackay Science Rm. 225
Laboratory DendroLab, Mackay Science Room 117 and 315; (775) 784-6348


Research Statement

Dr. Franco Biondi received a Laurea (Italian Doctorate) in forestry from the Università di Firenze in 1985, and a Ph.D. in watershed management and geosciences from the University of Arizona, Tucson in 1994. He is now an Associate Professor of geography at the University of Nevada, Reno, where he is also the DendroLab Director, and a member of three interdisciplinary graduate programs: Hydrologic Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, and Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology. He specializes in the application of tree-ring science to the study of climate, forest, and landscape dynamics, and has additional experience and interests in spatial processes and environmental change. He has conducted research projects in the USA, Mexico, and Italy, and has received funding from the National Science Foundation (including a CAREER award in 2002-2008), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Bureau of Land Management, and the National Geographic Society. He has approximately 120 publications and conference presentations describing results from his research projects. One of his research papers has been cited 133 times in ISI-listed scientific journals. Since his arrival at the University of Nevada, Reno, he has brought in $2.6 million through competitive extramural grants.

Dr. Biondi received the 2001 Paper of the Year Award from the Climate Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers, and in 2006 he was a member of the National Academy of Science Committee that authored the book "Surface Temperature Reconstructions for the Last 2,000 Years". In spring 2007 he was appointed Blaustein Visiting Associate Professor in the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford University, and in summer 2007 he was a Guest Professor with the Chair of Forest Ecology at the Swiss Technological Institute (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland. In 2008 he was the recipient of two awards at the University of Nevada, Reno: the Hyung K. Shin Award for Excellence in Research from the College of Science, and the Outstanding Researcher Award from the Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering. In the same year he also received the title of Senior Ecologist by the Ecological Society of America Board of Certification.

Dr. Biondi is currently the P.I. of three NSF-funded research projects, as well as the statewide lead for the Ecological Change component of a new NSF-EPSCoR project entitled “Nevada Infrastructure for Climate Change Science, Education and Outreach”, which has been funded for a total of $15 million over five years (2008-2013). The DendroLab (, which was established by Dr. Biondi in 2002 and has operated solely with soft-money support, is currently staffed by more than 10 people (a laboratory technician, a professional computer programmer, and several graduate and undergraduate students).

Research Areas of Interest Climate-Forest Interactions, Surface Landscape Processes, Quantitative Methods, Dendrochronology.

Professional Preparation

Laurea, Forestry, University of Florence, Italy, 1985
M.S., Watershed Management, University of Arizona, Tucson, 1987
Ph.D., Watershed Management and Geosciences, University of Arizona, Tucson, 1994

Courses Taught

Geography of the World's Environments (GEOG 103, 3 credits)

Field Methods (GEOG 314, 3 credits)

Understanding Climate (GEOG 321)

Spatial Analysis in Geography (GEOG 416/616, 3 credits)

Climatology (GEOG 421/621, 3 credits)

Geography of Past Environments (GEOG 437/637, 3 credits)

Special Topics (GEOG 491/691, 1-3 credits)

Advanced Geography - Climatology (GEOG 701R, 3 credits)

Seminar in Advanced Climatology (GEOG 720, 3 credits)

Rural Landscapes of Northern Italy (USAC; GEOG/Architecture 300, 1 credit) 5

Research Rotation II (EECB 702, 3 credits)

Selected Publications [Some publications available as PDFs]

Biondi F., Gershunov A, Cayan DR
North Pacific decadal climate variability since 1661
JOURNAL OF CLIMATE 14 (1): 5-10 2001
Times Cited: 155

Biondi F and Waikul K
DENDROCLIM2002: A C++ program for statistical calibration of climate
signals in tree-ring chronologies
COMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES 30 (3): 303-311 APR 2004
Times Cited: 76

Biondi F, Myers DE, Avery CC
Geostatistically modeling stem size and increment in an old-growth forest
Times Cited: 62

Biondi F
Decadal-scale dynamics at the Gus Pearson Natural Area: Evidence for
inverse (a)symmetric competition?
Times Cited: 34