Why Fraternity and Sorority Life?

Did You Know:

  • 85% of the Fortune 500 executives are members of fraternal organizations.
  • A study by the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Research found that fraternity and sorority members were significantly more satisfied with their college experience than non-affiliated students.
  • 25 U.S. presidents have belonged to fraternal organizations.
  • 43 of the 50 nation's largest corporations are led by Fraternity and Sorority members.
  • Fraternal organization members have a higher graduation rate than non-members
Statistics provided by the North American Interfraternity Conference

Fraternity and Sorority Life offers a rich University experience

Academic Enrichment

Fraternities and sororities provide their members with support and an atmosphere that fosters academic success and individual scholarship. Organizations encourage each of their members in their studies through offering study halls and study tables, establishing minimum academic standards for membership, and providing honors and recognition for outstanding achievements.


All organizations offer members direct exposure to the development of leadership skills. Each chapter provides a variety of leadership positions for its members. The community also provides campus-level leadership experience and serves as a stepping stone to other campus leadership opportunities and activities.

There are over 200 leadership positions available within the Fraternity and Sorority community.


The fraternities and sororities play an exceedingly active role in various campus annual events such as, Homecoming, Mackay Week, and other events sponsored by the ASUN programming board (Flipside Productions). Getting involved in campus life can prove to be a valuable experience and may develop friendships that last a lifetime. Fraternities and sororities offer their members a variety of social and recreational activities each year. The fraternities and sororities actively participate in the campus intramural sports program and are very successful in sports tournaments.

Community Service & Philanthropy

Each  chapter, as well as the Panhellenic, Interfraternity, and Multicultural Greek Councils, sponsor community service and philanthropic activities through participating in campus, local, and national philanthropic events. The chapter members may also have personal and group community service projects.

Socials & Formals

Each organization holds social exchanges with other associates within the fraternal community. These events allow members an opportunity to meet other members within the community. Socials can include any number of events including, formals, dances, costume parties, athletic competitions, and more.


The intramural office offers a fraternity league and sorority league. Chapters compete in dozens of sports from ping-pong to flag football. Each season is held from the beginning of the fall semester to the end of the spring semester . At the end of the season, fraternities and sororities each compete for the rights to be the intramural champion for that year.