All Greek Ball Awards

Overall Community Winners

The following awards will be based on information from above and reflect the best and the brightest of the entire Greek Community. The candidates for these awards have proven that they lead the way for the rest of our community into a brighter more fruitful future for Greek Life.

  • Chapter of the Year
  • Academic Excellence
  • Service (combined from scores for Philanthropy and Community Service)
  • Greek Man of the Year
  • Greek Woman of the Year

Chapter Awards

Chapter of the Year:

This award will be given to the chapter with the highest cumulative score based on the following awards:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Community Service
  • Philanthropy
  • Member Education
  • Nevada Pride
  • Unity

Academic Excellence Award

The Academic Excellence Award is an opportunity to discuss the academic strengths of your chapter. Please focus on educational programs and improvement within the chapter as well as information about your chapter's academic rehabilitation programs (in which you help your members with a semester GPA under your chapter's bylaws), as well as your chapters academic acceleration programs (programs or actions taken to collectively raise the GPA of your chapter). A successful award letter will include any major success stories that occurred over the past award year as well as major academic achievements and recognitions.


  • Academic success programs offered
  • Presentations or recognition programs
  • Implementation and enforcement of academic standards
  • Strength of academic rehabilitation and acceleration programs

Excellence in Member Education Award

The Excellence in Member Education Award is an opportunity to explain how your chapter actively promotes individual growth and success. Please include information about new member education program, continuing education programs, risk management speakers, member development programs, and participation in national and regional conferences.


  • Promotion of individual growth and success
  • Quality of new member education program
  • Additional leadership development programs (chapter went above and beyond)
  • Quantity of educational speakers brought in by chapter
  • Participation in regional/national conferences

Excellence in Philanthropic Event(s) Award

The Excellence in a Philanthropic Event is an opportunity to earn recognition for single best philanthropic event of the award year. Please include the non-profit organization that your event supported, the effect that your event had on the community the number of hours put into the event, the amount of funds raised in the event, and the originality of the event. If your chapter has more than one eligible philanthropy event, choose only one and do not mention the other. Donation evidence, etc. are extremely important considerations for this award.


  • Scope and impact of services provided to the community
  • Act fulfilled a social need that is not served, under-served, or is perceived as such
  • Philanthropy builds community
  • Education/awareness provided to participants regarding the organization the event supports

Excellence in Community Service Award

The Excellence in Community Service Award recognizes the involvement of the chapter and its members in community service activities. Please include the number of events, the different charities that were helped, the total hours put in, the total funds acquired, the total number of members who attended each event and the effect the hours of volunteering had on the community or the charity. This does not include individual philanthropic events. Please include proof of participation and donations.


  • Scope and impact of service(s) provided
  • Service had creative and innovative features
  • Chapter contributed to neighborhood, community, and charitable organizations
  • Chapter reflection on service and what they learned

Nevada Pride Award

The Campus Involvement Award is an opportunity to discuss the impact your chapter and its members have had on the University of Nevada community over the past award year. This includes participation in Panhellenic Council, intramural sports, ASUN and any of the 200+ clubs and organizations on campus. Participation in Homecoming, Welcome Week, Mackay Week and Greek Week are acceptable topics for discussion. Including leadership positions, participation in Nevada athletic events, awards won by members and the impact and influence your chapter had on the community and organizations over the past award year are important considerations for a strong award letter.


  • Number of leadership positions in campus clubs & organizations outside fraternity/sorority
  • Contribution to campus community
  • Commitment to furthering campus life through dedication, leadership, and overall morale
  • Emphasis on involvement outside of the Greek community

Unity Award

This award is for the chapter that has gone out of their way to work well with other Greek organizations on campus. This involvement can include attending other chapter's philanthropies, socials, and community service projects, etc. This chapter will be an organization that has attempted to build relations with other chapters while also strengthening the overall Greek community.


  • Commitment to furthering the Greek community through dedication, leadership, and overall morale
  • Ability to collaborate with Greek leaders and members from other chapters, councils, and other groups in the Nevada community
  • Emphasis on involvement in IFC, MGC, and Panhellenic
  • Emphasis on involvement in the events of other chapters

Excellence in Alumni/ae Relations Award ( IFC and PHC only)

The Excellence in Alumnae Relations Award will be awarded to the chapter that maintains and strengthens relationship with alumnae and demonstrates that alumnae relations are vital to the success of their chapter. Please include a description of the actions of your alumnae board, and of events that exist between the alumnae and the chapter.


  • Role of the alumni/ae board and how well the students collaborate with them
  • Special events held with alumni participation
  • Maintained and strengthened alumni/ae relationships

Cultural Awareness Award (MGC only)

Recognition of a chapter who has worked to promote the diversity of and the acceptance of ideas and individuals within the campus community through demonstrated exceptional service to Nevada in the areas of diversity and multiculturalism in the course of advocacy, leadership, mentorship, educational initiatives, and/or programming.


  • Demonstration of exceptional service in multiculturalism
  • Programs/events supporting cultural awareness endeavors
  • Participation in cultural events

Individual Awards

Advisor of the Year:

Describe anything this advisor has done to exceed expectations in this role, including any special awards or recognition this advisor has received:


  • Demonstrated dedication to:
  • Developing leaders within the chapter
  • Promoting a values-based organization
  • Support for chapter goal-setting, achievement, Ritual, and values
  • Promotes and role models ethical leadership and healthy chapter membership

President of the Year:

The President of the Year Award is for the president that leads the chapter in the spirit of the founding principles. Please include the president's leadership style, advances in the chapter under the guidance of the president and any other important information.


  • Specific accomplishments/achievements (individually) while in office
  • Individuals' character and ideals - were they a model member for their chapter?
  • Student has bettered chapter's image on campus and in the community
  • Student is an effective leader

Founder's Award

The Founder's Award is given to the individual who most exemplifies and embodies their founding father/mother's values and ideals.


Student encompasses founder's values and visions
Support for the Ritual or the fraternity/sorority and its values
Student exemplifies the true meaning of our community (scholarship, service, personal/professional development, unity, and experience)

Female/Male of the Year Award:

The Greek Man/Woman of the Year Award is presented to the Greek Man/Woman who exhibits Greek pride through leadership, attendance, participation, character and active involvement in campus life. This person must advocate Greek life on campus as well as in the surrounding community, along with recognizing a man/woman who maintains a good Greek image and stands by positive Greek principles while involving his/herself in other campus clubs and organizations, as well as any pertinent information that shows how your candidate stands above the rest as an outstanding Greek man/woman.


  • Student is influential in their chapter (contributions made)
  • Student is influential in the Nevada Community
  • Student is influential in the Reno Community
  • Student is an effective leader
  • Student demonstrates excellence in scholarship, service, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, and unity.

Ambassador of the Year:

Provide a list of clubs or organization on campus of which this person has been a member. Include dates or membership and any leadership positions held:


  • Membership in other campus organizations
  • Student has improved relations among other groups on campus
  • Individual was a model member for their council
  • Student is an effective leader

Most Valuable Player (PHC only)

Award given to the woman who is the most valuable intramural sports' player.


  • Sportsmanship of Individual
  • Dedication to Team
  • Motivation and support of fellow players

Buzzie Marks (IFC only)

The Interfraternity Council shall annually award the Buzzie Marks award to the outstanding fraternity athlete participating in IFC athletic competition only. At a regular meeting, the trophy shall be awarded to the nominee receiving the greatest number of votes, based on his: (a) participation; (b) performance; (c) sportsmanship; (d) leadership.

Fraternities may not vote for nominees in their own chapter. The revolving trophy shall be presented to the recipient's fraternity and may not be retired.

Sport's Trophy (IFC only)

The IFC shall annually award an intramural revolving trophy to the fraternity accumulating the highest number of intramural points in all IFC recognized sports. The trophy may be retired if a fraternity wins it three consecutive times and can reimburse IFC for an equivalent trophy at the time it is won if the chapter decides to keep it. The retired trophy can be renamed by the fraternity winning the trophy.

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