Textbook Prices

Eighty percent of profits from books purchased through the ASUN Bookstore goes into the ASUN account to be used for student services. In an effort to keep costs at a minimum and return more funding for student programming, ASUN bookstore has a Faculty Resource Page with information regarding keeping textbook prices down, the textbook requisition form, books in print, contact in the bookstore for textbooks, and more.

In 2006, the Faculty Senate passed a Textbook Acquisition Resolution, agreeing to advocate for collaboration between the ASUN Bookstore and the faculty to select the best instructional
textbooks and materials with the goal of attempting to minimize the cost to the student. Sending all Faculty an email twice a year with information regarding the textbook ordering deadline is one way to acheive this goal.

2012-13 Faculty Textbook Requisition Link:
2012-13 Fall Textbook Requisition Form