NSHE Institution Budget Cuts

Faculty Budget Advisory Committee:
The Provost asked the Senate to nominate members for a committee that will explore, in a general manner, how the University might best respond to expected budget cuts.   This IS NOT a committee tasked with making specific choices between programs.  Instead, this committee is tasked with exploring, in a more general manner, the time frame, strategies and goals of budgetary and curricular planning.   In some ways it is similar to the discussion the Senate held when first considering budget cuts two years ago.  At that time some general principles (not linked to specific programmatic choices) were articulated.  Whether those budgetary principles are still applicable or whether new approaches to the budget situation need to be addressed will be the subject for this committee’s deliberation.  Members should be individuals who are capable of taking a longer term and institutional perspective and have some knowledge of UNR’s institutional strengths and national academic trends such that decisions made now will best position UNR for advancement as the economy recovers.   The expected time of service would likely be through the end of Spring 11 semester.

Faculty Budget Advisory Committee Members:
Stacy Burton, Chair
David Ryfe
Elissa Palmer
Eric Herzik
Glenn Miller
Jodi Herzik
Jack Hayes
Scott Mensing
Tom Cargill
William Follette