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Research Senator


Stephanie Woolf                                  
Term Expires: May 2015
Phone: (775) 327-5040
Email: swoolf@unr.edu

Brief Bio: Stephanie Woolf, Ph.D., is the director of environmental health and safety at the University of Nevada, Reno.  Stephanie has 10 years of experience as the director of environmental, health, and safety programs in higher education institutional settings and 13 years with the U.S. Department of Energy, eight of those years in environmental health and safety and five as an environmental radiochemist.

Stephanie currently serves on the Faculty Senate as a representative from the Office of Research. Stephanie’s previous publications include methodology of  radiochemical traceability analyses involving preparation of performance evaluation materials, in addition to a book chapter for the U.S. EPA Radiological Analytical Procedures Manual related to radiochemical waste. Her current area of research includes how institutions mitigate liabilities regarding the safety, ethical, and legal liabilities of working with the newly dead.  Stephanie has a bachelor's and master’s degree from Idaho State University and a doctorate from University of Nevada, Reno.