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Information Technology Senator

Ben Roelofs
Term Expires: May 2016
Phone: 775-682-8030
Email: broelofs@unr.edu

Brief Bio: Ben is the Field Support Coordinator for Desktop Services, which provides support to the administrative and academic departments across campus where specialized systems administration is not required. He received his BA in Sociology with an emphasis in Law, Criminology, and Deviance from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in 1999, then moved to Reno to do bioinformatics work in the Department of Animal Biotechnology. His publications include "Radiation Hybrid Map of the Porcine Genome Comprising 2035 EST loci, A 12,000-rad Porcine Radiation Hybrid (IMNpRH2) Panel Refines the Conserved Synteny between SSC 12 and HS A17, and A First-Generation EST RH Comparative Map of the Porcine and Human Genome.