2014-15 Faculty Senate Members > Division of Health Sciences

Division of Health Sciences Senators

Judith Sugar
Term Expires: May 2016
Phone: (775) 682-7093
Email: jsugar@unr.edu

Brief Bio: Judith Sugar is an Associate Professor for the Department of Social Psychology in the Division of Health Sciences. Her research interests include life-span health, aging, research methodology, and higher education issues.

Lisa Thomas
Term Expires: May 2015
Phone: (775) 682-7155
Website: website
Email: lmthomas@unr.edu

Brief Bio: Lisa Thomas is an Assistant Professor in the Orvis School of Nursing. Her dissertation research studied the socidemographic, market, and political factors that influence nurses who work in non-nursing jobs. Her current program of research involves prevention of blood borne pathogen exposures in the acute care setting. She has also been involved in health care safety research and has published in healthcare safety literature.