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College of Science Senators


Paul Neill                          
Term Expires: June 2019
Phone: (775) 784-7520 or 682-6614
Website: website
Email: paul@unr.edu

Brief Bio:
Paul Neill is a Professor of Physics and currently serves as the department chair. His research interests include particle and photon spectroscopy applied to the study and diagnostics of atomic and molecular systems and laboratory and astrophysical plasmas.


Kent Ervin
Term Expires: June 2018
Phone: (775) 784-6676

Brief Bio: Kent Ervin is the Clemons-Magee Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry, College of Science, and is a faculty member of the Chemical Physics Program.  He received his bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas and earned a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley.  Professor Ervin teaches at all levels of the Chemistry curriculum, including undergraduate physical chemistry and graduate level courses in physical chemistry, spectroscopy, and kinetics. His research group investigates the reactivity and dynamics of ion-molecule reactions using mass spectrometry techniques, with applications in the thermochemistry of neutral radical molecular species that are important as reactive intermediates in combustion and atmospheric chemistry.

Brian Frost
Term Expires: June 2017
Phone: (775) 784-1993
Website: website
Email: frost@unr.edu

Brief Bio: Brian Frost is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry in the College of Science. He received his bachelor’s degree from Elizabethtown College and earned a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from Texas A&M University. Prior to joining the faculty at UNR in 2002 he was a postdoctoral research associate at Columbus University. His research is focused on aqueous phase organometallic chemistry and catalysis with an emphasis on green and sustainable chemistry. Professor Frost teaches at all levels in the chemistry curriculum including courses in general, inorganic, organometallic, and green chemistry.