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Isabelle Favre
Term Expires: June 2016
Phone: (775) 682-8903
Website: website
Email: favre@unr.edu

Brief Bio: Isabelle Favre, an Associate Professor of French and originally from Switzerland, received her PhD from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her specialty is Francophone literature; she is mainly interested in the theoretical aspects of textual variety within the same language.

She teaches courses on literature and film from the Caribbean, French Guiana, Africa, Québec, Switzerland and France. She is the author of two books La différance francophone (University Press of the South, 2001) and De la Guyane à la diaspora africaine: écrits du silence (Karthala 2002) written in collaboration with Florence Martin.

In journals’ publications, she covers topics such as the Rwandan genocide viewed through literature and philosophy, creativity and madness, postmodern kitsch, gender issues in African cinema, testimony as a genre etc. She is presently working on the concept of “autofiction” as used in illness narratives.

Ashley Marshall
Term Expires: June 2017
Phone: (775) 682-6366
Email: marshall@unr.edu

Brief Bio: Ashley Marshall is associate professor of English specializing in eighteenth-century British literature.  She received her BA from the University of Virginia and her MA and PhD from the Pennsylvania State University.  She has published articles in Modern Philology, Review of English Studies, the Huntington Library Quarterly, Studies in Philology, and several other journals, and she is the author of The Practice of Satire in England, 1658-1770 (Johns Hopkins UP, 2013) and Swift and History: Politics and the English Past (Cambridge University Press, 2015), as well as editor of Representation, Heterodoxy, and Aesthetics (Delaware, 2015).  She currently serves as Associate Chair of the English Department.

Gwen Hullman
Term Expires: June 2018
Phone: (775) 784-1788 5
Website: website

Brief Bio: Gwen is an Associate Professor and Department Chair of Communication Studies, She received her B.A. from the Ohio State, her M.A.C.T.M. from Cleveland State University, and her Ph.D. from Kent State University. She pursues research in the area of interpersonal communication. Specifically, she examines how conversational goals in a variety of settings influence the outcome of the conversation. Goal formation and goal fulfillment have been applied to a variety of areas in her research, including social influence, communication motivation, conflict, request messages, and mediation.

Katherine Fusco         
Term Expires: June 2018
Phone: (775) 784-6689
Website: website
Email: kfusco@unr.edu

Brief Bio: Dr. Katherine Fusco is Assistant Professor in the Department of English in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA). Dr. Fusco received her B.A. in English from State University of New York at Geneseo, her M.A. in English at Vanderbilt University, and her Ph.D. in English from the Vanderbilt University.