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College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources Senator

Elizabeth Leger
Term Expires: June 2017
Phone: (775) 784-7582
Website: website
Email: eleger@cabnr.unr.edu

Brief Bio: Elizabeth Leger is an Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Science. She received her BA in 1996 from Lewis and Clark College and her PhD in 2004 from the University of California, Davis; Graduate Group in Ecology.

She is interested in the population biology of plants, works on local adaptation and rapid evolution of native and invasive species, and is interested in how genetic variation (below the species level) affects the distribution and abundance of species. She also work with plant-animal interactions, and is currently interested in how nutrients and herbivory interact to affect competitive relationships between plants.

In addition to her work on plant population biology, she does projects that gather basic ecological data about rare species, natural communities, and invasive species control, providing information that is necessary to make appropriate management and restoration decisions.