Frequently Asked Questions

What if the Sharepoint approval process does not work for me?

If you are an administrator or on a college committee, and have been contacted by Sharepoint to review or approve bylaws, then it should be self-explanatory.  You are required to login with your NetID and password, and the first problem may be that your NetID does not match the e-mail address we used, or you are not otherwise authorized to use Sharepoint.  In this case, contact the Faculty Senate Office to gain access.

With some software versions, Sharepoint does not always work as we expect.  In that case, simply e-mail the Faculty Senate Office with your comments, recommendations, and/or approval or disapproval, and we will enter this into Sharepoint for you so the electronic record is accurately maintained.

What are units?

Units are defined in Code as the subdivisions of the university, the colleges and departments or their administrative equivalents.  We define major units to include colleges or their administrative equivalent, and basic units as departments or their equivalent.  These are shown in the repository on this website.  In most cases, the division is clear, colleges are administered by deans, and departments are administered by deans.  The School of Journalism is a major unit without departments. 

Some units are administered by vice-presidents, however.  The Division of Health Sciences is a major unit, and administered by a vice-president, while the School of Medicine is a basic unit even though it is administered by a dean, and has its own departments.

What do we do if our department (or college) bylaws are not shown here?

This repository is new, and only approved bylaws will be included.  If your current departmental or college bylaws have been officially approved, then your chair should contact the Faculty Senate Office.  E-mail us the approved bylaws in Word format, putting the bylaws in proper format as explained above.  In some cases, we may already have record of approval, but if not you will need to provide it. 

If there is no record of approval, then your department will need approve the bylaws as instructed in the approval instructions.  Have your department vote to approve the current bylaws, get your chair to send them to us with an explanation, and we will send them to the college committee and the dean for approval and inclusion.

In the case of college bylaws, the same rules general rules apply except that the approval process is different.  If there is record of the President’s approval, then the bylaws should be sent to us in Word format and we will include them in this repository.  If not, then the approval process must be used, though the Faculty Senate’s Bylaws and Code Committee will be asked to expedite their review.

Answers will be given in the future for the following questions:

How do I use Sharepoint?
How do we revise our department bylaws?
How do we revise our college bylaws?
What if the dean does not approve our proposed amendments?
Are there suggestions for how to write better bylaws?
What should we do if we believe our department bylaws are in conflict with college bylaws, the university bylaws, or the NSHE Code?
What should we do if we believe the bylaws are being ignored?
How do we revise the university bylaws?
Are bylaws legally enforceable?
How do we revise the Code?

In the meanwhile, answers to these or any other questions can be obtained by contacting the Faculty Senate Office.