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Construction Updates

PSAC Construction Notification

For any questions relating to this construction work, please contact Scott Brown, Senior Project Manager at (775) 682-7184, or at

The Getchell Building Demolition phase has been completed.  Construction of the new Pennington Student Achievement Center started on July 7th.  Below is a map that shows the changes to the access routes around the construction site; a larger view of the map can be found at Please use caution when traveling around this area.

Map of changes to the access routes

Parking and Lot Closures

We understand that parking on campus can be challenging during construction. To minimize frustration, please review the time line below to assist with parking lot closures.

Need more information contact Parking Services at (775) 784-4654 .

Silver 4 Parking Area
Please note at any phase of this project, Silver 4 parking permits can park in the Silver 11 located in the Brian Whalen Parking Complex. Hang Silver 4 parking permit on rear-view mirror for access.

  • July, 2014
    The Silver 4 parking area located on the East side of White Pine Hall will be closed for parking until the completion of construction. The Silver 4 parking area on the East side of the Virginia Street Gym is no longer available.  There is a new ADA parking lot located at the northeast corner of White Pine.

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