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Construction Updates

Peavine Hall Construction

For any questions relating to this construction work, please contact Scot Orchard, Project Manager at (775) 682-7189, or at

The construction of  Peavine Hall at Cooper Court and Galen Way started Monday April 7, 2014.  The access to Cooper Court and Galen Way will be restricted during  new construction phases of the project.  Below is a map that shows the changes to the access routes around the existing buildings during construction; a larger view of the map can be found at  Please use caution when traveling through this area. 

Res Pedestrian Circulation Plan

Parking and Lot Closures

We understand that parking on campus can be challenging during construction. To minimize frustration, please review the time line below to assist with parking lot closures.

For more information contact Parking Services at (775) 784-4654.

Silver 7 Parking Areas:
Parking areas that will be eliminated

  • As of Monday January 27, 2014
    Silver 7 parking areas located in the future residence hall site (bordered by North Sierra, Cooper Court, Galen Way, and 11th Street) will be removed as of January 27, 2014. Volunteers have been assigned to the Yellow Sierra Hall Garage once construction begins. Everyone is accommodated within this general area through the summer 2014.

Parking areas that will remain

  • The existing parking lot west of North Sierra Street (at the Southwest corner of 11th Street and North Sierra) will continue to be available during the demolition and the new construction phases of the project.
  • The existing metered parking lot just north of Continuing Education Building (between Continuing Education and 11th Street and along Virginia Street) will remain available during the demolition, a loading zone for Continuing Education will be added.
  • The existing parking area lot at Sierra Hall will remain available during the demolition and new construction phases. Disabled parking is also accessible in this location.

Res Hall Parking Plan

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