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Department Locations

  • Facilities Building
    (775) 784-6514
  • Facilities Maintenance Services Building
    1303 Evans Ave Reno NV
    (775) 784-8020
  • Parking Services Building
    (775) 784-4654

Contact Information

Facilities Services

Phone(775) 784-6514
Fax(775) 784-1951
Address 1664 N. Virginia Street
Reno,  NV  89557
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Administrative Services

The Historic Quad

Provides support to the Facilities Services mission of maintaining a beautiful, growing campus and to successfully meet the needs of the campus community through quality, service and team work. This unit is responsible for the budgeting and accounting of all construction, remodeling and renovation projects on the campus as well as the Facilities Services department's operational expenses, information requests, administrative correspondence, record retention, internal forms, departmental human resources, and campus parking and transportation needs. Call (775) 784-6514 for further assistance.

Parking and Transportation Services distributes official parking permits for the university community, coordinates visitor special event parking, regulates the use of parking spaces on campus, and provides shuttle service to many locations around the campus. Permits and parking information are available at the office, on 16th street ( located next to the West Stadium Parking Complex). For further information contact Parking and Transportation Services at (775) 784-4654.

Administrative Services

Accounting Services

  • Facilities Accounting Manager: Dawn Harada (775) 682-9245
  • Facilities Construction/Project Accounting: Linda Gierhart (775) 682-7211
  • Facilities/Campus Utilities Accountant: David White (775) 682-7198
  • Facilities Personnel/Salary Savings: Michele Morrow (775) 682-7197
  • Facilities Maintenance Services Accounting: Chelsea Sawyer (775) 682-7701

Human Resources/Personnel Services

  • Specialist, Facilities Services Human Resources: Katie Smith (775) 682-7046
  • Facilities Leave Keeper/Travel: Dorothy Currie (775) 682-8022
  • Facilities Human Resources Assistant: Michelle Buck (775) 784-6371

Parking and Transportation Services

  • Assistant Director Parking Administration: Michelle Horton (775) 682-7710
  • Transportation Manager: John Kreiger (775) 682-7709
  • Parking Services Accounting and Human Resources Coordinator: Joan Atkins (775) 682-7703

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University of Nevada, Reno

University of Nevada, Reno
1664 N. Virginia Street
Reno,  NV  89557-

(775) 784-1110
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