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Graduate Fellowships in Engineering

The College of Engineering is pleased to announce the Graduate Research Fellowship for new and continuing doctoral students.

Fellowship details

Both incoming and current graduate students are eligible to apply for the fellowship. Your faculty advisor must provide matching funds ($12,500 for new students and $7,500 for continuing students). Faculty advisors will need to submit a letter of support including the ability to match the funds by April 1 to Sam Di Muzio ( and Indira Chatterjee (

Fellowships are for one year.

How to apply

Fill out our online application form by April 1.

All applicants should be be prepared to submit:

  • Undergraduate and graduate academic information
  • GRE scores
  • A list of publications (in APA format)
  • A short essay on future plans

Currently enrolled students should also be prepared to submit their dissertation title and abstract, a summary of work completed, and a schedule of tasks remaining.

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