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Computer Science and Engineering Research

A robotics gradaute student

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To learn more about what we're working on please visit our department website.

Our faculty focus on four broad research interests:

  • Intelligent systems
  • Games and simulations
  • Software systems
  • Computer and network systems

Research Facilities

CCRC Agent Modeling Laboratory (CAML)

Primary Contact: Yaakov Varol
Major Focus: Artificial intelligence for the Cyber Conflict Research Consortium.

Computer Networking Laboratory (CNL)

Primary Contact: Murat Yuksel and Mehmet Gunes
Major Focus: Computer communication networks, optical networks, wireless networks, ad-hoc networks, peer-to-peer networks, multicast, network security, network modeling, network economics, network management and simulation, Internet measurements, complex networks, social and biological networks.

Computer Vision Laboratory (CVL)

Primary Contacts: George Bebis and Mircea Nicolescu
Major Focus: Object recognition, visual motion analysis, 3-D reconstruction, face detection/recognition, biometrics, tracking and pose estimation projects of human body/head/ hand/eye-gaze, surveillance and human activity recognition.

Engineering Access Grid Node

Primary Contact: Yaakov Varol
Major Focus: Multimedia large-format displays, presentation and interactive environments, and interfaces to Griddleware and visualization environments.

Evolutionary Computing Systems Laboratory (ECSL)

Primary Contact: Sushil Louis
Major Focus: Evolutionary computing based machine learning and its applications to military training and decision support, computer gaming, and modeling and inversion.

Goodman Brain Computation Lab

Primary Contacts: Fred Harris and Monica Nicolescu
Major Focus: Brain simulation and robotic control

Robotics Research Laboratory

Primary Contact: Monica Nicolescu
Major Focus: Mobile and articulated robotics, multi-agent systems, machine learning, motion planning, human-robot interaction, biologically inspired robotics, and human activity recognition.

Software Engineering Laboratory (SOELA)

Primary Contact: Sergiu Dascalu
Major Focus: Software specification, management of large software projects (software metrics, metrics visualization, dynamic systems models, and project planning) and environments for software development.

High Performance Computation and Visualization Lab

Primary Contact: Fred Harris
Major Focus: Parallel and distributed computation, graphics, scientific visualization, and virtual reality applications.

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