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Interdisciplinary Minors

Renewable Energy Minor

The interdisciplinary minor program in renewable energy is open to all students. This program is designed to ensure that students are exposed to the technical, economic, and social issues relevant to renewable energy.

Nanotechnology Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in nanotechnology is geared towards students in engineering and science who seek specialization in processes, systems and phenomena that occur at the nanometer size scale. Students gain skills and experiences that will help them apply knowledge learned in their majors to specialized problems in science and engineering.

Digital Interactive Games Minor

The minor in digital interactive games is open to all students. We especially encourage students from the arts, journalism and education, as well as anyone interested in simulations and computer and video games to consider pursuing this minor.

Unmanned Autonomous Systems Minor

Starting in January 2013, the interdisciplinary minor in unmanned autonomous systems (UAS) is open to students majoring in computer science and engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. The program provides students with skills and experiences that will help them better apply the knowledge gained in their majors to specialized problems in the field of UAS.

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