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Solar Energy Group

The Solar Energy Group is involved in cutting edge research, education, and partnering with local companies to developing a well rounded and skilled workforce ready to meet the challenges of future green jobs around the world.

Research activities

The thrust areas of the solar section includes materials and device development for (1) photovoltaic power, (2) solar-assisted water splitting to produce hydrogen, and (3) utilization of solar energy to produce fuels from carbon dioxide. The faculty involved in this center has tremendous experience in various aspects of solar energy materials, fabrication, integration into devices, and testing. State-of-the art instruments with specialized capabilities are available for utilization by the center staff and students. Numerous patents and peer-reviewed publications have resulted as the outcome of the activities of the faculty and staff in the Solar Energy group.


There is a strong relationship between the center faculty and local and regional industries. Financial and material support has been a hallmark of some these associations.

International activities

Several faculty in the Solar Energy group are involved in global outreach in China and India. Collaborations with other universities and industrial units have resulted in significant benefits to all partners of the collaboration.


Faculty of the Solar Energy group are heavily involved in K-12 education and outreach to the community. We educate students, teachers, entrepreneurs, and the public on the importance of switching from traditional and polluting forms of energy to a sustainable alternate energy mix.

Funding Sources

Solar/Hydrogen Funding Sources