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Archana Kar

Ravi and Archana

Archana Kar came to University of Nevada in 2004 in pursuit of a second master’s of science degree.  She earned her first master’s degree in genetics and biochemistry from Utkal University in Orissa, India where she grew up. With a solid foundation in biology, Kar moved to Reno to learn all she could about biomedical engineering to complement her first degree.

In a way, she has never left the lab.

“My dad is a professor of biochemistry at Utkal University and our family lived on campus, so I grew up in his lab,” she said.  “It looks like I’ve been a professional student all my life.”

Kar completed her master’s degree in Biomedical engineering at Nevada in 2006 and continued her research in a doctoral program with Vaidyanathan (Ravi) Subramanian, assistant professor of chemical and metallurgical engineering.

Kar has studied the synthesis of titanium dioxide nanotubes and its applications in biomedical engineering since she arrived on campus and while doing so, she has found her passion. “After five years, I’m still not bored with studying them,” she said. “They are pretty basic, very easy and inexpensive to produce.”

She completed her doctorate in August 2009 and will continue studying new possibilities of nanotube application in the biomedical field as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Houston in Texas.

By Jean Dixon