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Gautam Priyadarshan, Ph.D.

Gautam Priyadarshan

Photograph by Jean Dixon

Gautam Priyadarshan is one of the pivotal young researchers in the Renewable Energy Center collaborative. As a research scientist, Priyadarshan has worked on several research projects involving materials for bio- and energy-related applications. 

With an interest in materials chemistry, he started his work at the University of Nevada, Reno studying biofilms which evolved into bioimplant-related materials. Working with sophisticated tools and software, he has become the resident expert on materials characterization. He is currently developing an ultrasonic-assisted electrochemical method to prepare crack-free nano-structured Ni-W and Ni-Mo thin film coatings. These will be used as a low-cost and low-over-potential electrode material for hydrogen generation during water electrolysis.

Priyadarshan has first-hand experience in translating R&D results into commercial products in a competitive market.  He has been a consultant to several local companies with increasing responsibilities specializing in nanomaterials characterization. He plays a multifaceted role in the Renewable Energy Center and he is enthusiastic about participating in this emerging collaborative.

“Working along with this group of smart scientists from different departments on campus and with Dr. Misra has diversified my thinking and knowledge base.  The center gives me an opportunity to learn the new meaning of science,” he explains. “We work as a team to develop nanomaterials for energy conversion, storage and sensor applications.”