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Power Grid Group

Students in an electrical engineering lab

Mehdi Etezadi-Amoli

Mehdi Etezadi-Amoli, Lead
Professor, Department of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

The Power Grid Group is composed of electrical engineers who are focused on developing better ways to transmit and deliver energy generated from renewable resources.

The power transmission system, which is the backbone of the entire electrical system, is a large-scale interconnected network spanning Mexico, the United States and Canada. This network is governed by regional transmission organizations and independent system operators and also involves electrical energy wholesale markets. Under the smart grid umbrella, advanced technologies are currently being researched and applied for faster and better monitoring and control of the large interconnections, as well as reliable integration of large-scale -- hundreds of megawatts -- renewable power generation.

Power distribution systems can be considered as pockets in the transmission system serving industrial, governmental and residential customers. These are governed by local utilities. Smart grid applications in distribution systems include smarter metering technologies for efficient integration of distributed small-scale -- tens of kilowatts to hundreds of kilowatts -- renewable power generation applications, fair pricing mechanisms, and remote monitoring and control of electrical power consumption.

Smart grid applications for electrical machinery consist of smarter interfacing and control schemes for electrical machines by using advanced power electronics circuits and microelectronics. The increased integration of large- and small-scale wind farms require research on advanced energy conversion, monitoring, and control units as well as invention of new efficient storage systems that compensate for the intermittency of photovoltaic and wind resources.

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