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Areas of Expertise

Students in a lab

Biomass & Biofuels Group

Contact: John Cushman, professsor of biochemistry and molecular biology

The Biomass and Biofuels group brings together plant biochemists and ecologists; civil, environmental, and chemical engineers; and economists to study approaches to the production of non-food feedstocks from forested or marginal lands as sustainable sources for biofuel generation.

Geothermal Energy

Contact: Wendy Calvin, professor of geological sciences

Nevada researchers are collecting and synthesizing key data through GIS technology in an effort to produce favorability maps of the state's geothermal potential.

Solar Energy Group

Contact: Ravi Subramanian, associate professor of chemical and materials engineering

The focus areas of the Solar Energy Group include materials and device development for photovoltaic power, solar-assisted water splitting to produce hydrogen, and use of solar energy to produce fuels from carbon dioxide.

Energy Efficiency and Advanced Low-Cost Manufacturing

Contact: Ghassan Jabbour, professor of chemical and materials engineering

The Advanced Manufacturing Group works on developing technologies to produce renewable energy materials such as solar cell, batteries and charge storage. Currently, efforts focus on using printing technology to produce these materials at low-cost.

Power Grid Group

Contact: Mehdi Etezadi-Amoli, professor electrical and biomedical engineering

The Power Grid Group works on research related to power systems analysis, planning and protection.

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