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The University is a leader in renewable energy education in Nevada; the University made impressive inroads in renewable energy curriculum with the addition of a Renewable Energy Minor in 2007.

Renewable Energy Minor
This interdisciplinary program is open to all students. The 18 credit minor has two tracks. Students may elect either track but for most students majoring in engineering, Track I will be most suitable, as it will further enhance their degree to include a specialization in alternative energy. For most students majoring in areas other than engineering, Track II will be most suitable. Regardless of the track chosen, the program is designed to ensure that students are exposed to the technical, economic and social issues relevant to renewable energy.
The objective of the renewable energy minor is to provide students with technical skills; economic and political background; and analysis and design skills that will help them to apply the knowledge gained in their major to the important national issues of alternative and renewable energy. Students will be exposed to a broad range of the technical and social/political disciplines necessary to understand the sources of renewable energy; technical and economic decisions involved in using alternative energy sources; and the policy and regulatory issues influence adoption of alternative energy resources.

Program Contacts:
Track I: Contact the Engineering Program Office, Scrugham Engineering/Mines, SEM 132, (775) 784-6925

Track II: Contact Chris Simon, professor of political science, (775) 682-7769 or