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About Us

Ghassan Jabbour

The University of Nevada, Reno focuses its renewable energy research efforts under the Renewable Energy Center that will coordinate efforts and develop programs for competitive research with plans to increase Nevada's national stature in the renewable energy field.

The University has conducted renewable energy research for more than 10 years, including geothermal, biomass, hydrogen energy and solar, and in 2007, we formed the Renewable Energy Center to develop interdisciplinary, competitive research projects with an aim toward ec onomic diversification and workforce development in the state of Nevada.

Our education and outreach efforts include an interdisciplinary approach to renewable energy. The University currently offers both an undergradate minor and a graduate certificate in renewable energy. Both programs stress an integrated approach to energy education, including policy, business and technical considerations.

The collaboration primarily focuses on the work of four colleges within the university, and a council of deans from those colleges oversee the activities of the Center:

Our researchers are committed to developing industry partnerships and working with Nevada businesses to infrastructure and knowledge in the state. Please contact me at to discuss potential opportunities.

Ghassan Jabbour
Director, Renewable Energy Center
University of Nevada, Reno

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