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New Student FAQ

What majors are offered through the College of Education?

  • Elementary Education (Kindergarten - 8th grade all subjects) Plus endorsement in special ed or early childhood education or teaching english language learners (ELL) in our integrated elementary teaching program (IETP).
  • Secondary Education (7 - 12th grade specializing in one or more subjects)
  • Human Development and Family Studies (non-licensure; children, adolescents, and families) (HDFS)

What if I'm not certain that I want to be a teacher?

You may begin as a pre-major, explore a variety of classes for the first semester or two, and then adjust your major depending upon your experience. The College of Education also offers the Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) major, which is a non-licensure major designed for students who do not want to become traditional classroom teachers, but whose skills and interests involve working with children, adolescents, teens, and families. Read more about the HDFS major. Or you can speak with an advisor in the College of Education for more information. We also recommend visiting the Advising Center for Undecided and Exploratory Students and the Academic and Career Services, (775) 784-4678, Thompson Building suite 200, for help in deciding on a major and a career.

How do college classes differ from high school classes?

College classes last only one semester, and may be worth anywhere from 1-5 credits or "credit hours." The number of credits for a class depends on how many hours per week that you will meet for that class. If a class is worth three credits, for example, you will meet three hours per week for that class. Be aware: you will then be expected to spend two hours preparing for each hour in class. That's how 12 credit hours of courses is considered a full load - you should be scheduling 24 more hours for homework or a total of at least 36 hours per week on school!

What classes should I take?

All new Freshman must talk with their advisor before enrolling in classes.  Your advising hold will be removed following your advisement appointment.  Please call (775) 784-4298 or (877) 344-8078 to schedule an appointment.

How many credits should I take?

12 credits is the minimum number needed to be a full-time student, but you will need to average at least 15 credits per semester in order to graduate in 4 years. For your first semester, however, it may be worthwhile to enroll in only 12 credits so as not to overwhelm yourself. Often students initially register for 15 credits for their first semester and then attend the first day of class and decide then if they need to drop a class. Be aware —you must formally drop a class (tell the computer you are no longer going to attend) in order to avoid getting an F grade! Check the class schedule on MyNEVADA for drop deadlines.

How do I register for classes?

You will use MyNEVADA to register for classes. For tutorials on using MyNEVADA, view the MyNEVADA tutorials.

Are there classes that I am not allowed to take?

Placement into some classes such as math and English will depend upon your ACT or SAT scores. Read the class schedule carefully under the English or math department sections to determine which class you should take.

What's the difference between the class schedule and the course catalog?

The class schedule, which contains meeting times and deadlines for only one semester, is not to be confused with the course catalog, which is a much longer book containing detailed information about every class and degree offered at Nevada.

What should I do if I'm transferring in credits?

Official records of AP exams and/or transcripts from other colleges should be sent to Admissions and Records. For questions about transferring in credits, contact the Transfer Center (775) 784-4700 x2088. For transfer students, meeting with an Education Advisor is best done after your transfer credits have been evaluated by the Transfer Center for meeting core and general courses. Courses that deal with Education, however, will not be evaluated by the Transfer Center, but will be evaluated by the College of Education faculty based upon course descriptions provided by the student. Bring your course descriptions and your evaluation of transfer credits from the Transfer Center as shown on the DARS to the Education Advisement Center. We recommend calling first for an appointment at (775) 784-4298 or (877) 344-8078.

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