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Deborah Verstegen, Ph.D.

Professor of Educational Leadership
Deborah Verstegen

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  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison


Although education is the largest share of state and local government budgets, very little comprehensive information has been available on all 50 states related to state financing policies and programs for public elementary and secondary education. A new study provides comprehensive information on public K-12 education finance systems in each state, presented in themes such as funding for special student populations, accountability and equity issues.

Deborah Verstegen, University of Nevada, Reno professor of education finance, policy and leadership in the College of Education, conducted a study of public education finance systems across the United States, surveying all 50 states. She has now authored an article, "Public Education Finance Systems in the United States and Funding Policies for Populations with Special Educational Needs," presenting results and analysis of her research, recently published in the 2011 edition of Education Policy Analysis Archives.

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