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Stephen Lafer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

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A long time ago I figured out that education in the United States did not work and that, for this reason, the vision of a truly democratic state was fading.  I continue to hope beyond hope that the vision of humanity that guided the development of the Declaration of Independence will be rekindled and that educators will lead the way in moving this nation toward the kind of perfection of union that was the primary motive of those who wrote the Constitution.  Education has lost its legitimate sense of purpose; schools now bend to the will of those who want schools to train obedient workers rather than thoughtful human beings, blind consumers rather than informed and insightful participants in the democratic process.  I teach teachers to teach in the language arts and I teach for the purpose of the enlightenment of humanity through a discourse of democracy, thoughtful people involved in thoughtful conversation about the issues that need resolution before all can share in the good things that come with democracy that is truly by and of and for the people.

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