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Jessica Boles

Administrative Assistant II, NCED

(775) 682-9054

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Cindy Bozman

Admin Assistant II, Dean's Office


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Roxanna Courtney

Administrative Assistant III, Human Development & Family Studies and Counseling & Educational Psychology

(775) 682-5517

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Kimberly Cox, B.A.

Administrative Assistant III, Educational Leadership

(775) 682-9076

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Kim Cuevas


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Lindsay Dorio, M.A.

Administrative Assistant III, Literacy, Language and Culture

(775) 682-7857

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Jill Fontana

Administrative Assistant III, Dean's Future Scholars

(775) 784-4237

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Jane Gardner

Administrative Assistant III, NCED

(775) 682-9049

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Kathryn Hill, B.A.

Administrative Assistant III, NCED

(775) 682-9052

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Donald Jackson, Ph.D.


(775) 682-9051

Sandra Jennings

Administrative Assistant III (Post-Award Grants), Dean's Office

(775) 682-9612

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Mary Magee

Early Learning Center

(775) 784-4964

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Leslie Marlowe, J.D.

Associate Project Coordinator, CASAT - Nevada Prevention Resource Center

(775) 682-9108

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Maureen McBride, Ph.D.

Director, Northern Nevada Writing Project

(775) 784-1161

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Mary Merry, B.S.

Administrative Assistant III, Dean's Office

(775) 682-9651

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Maureen Morton

Program Officer I, Learning Resource Center

(775) 784-4971

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Christine Nazarechuk

Administrative Assistant III, Elementary Education

(775) 682-7525

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Janice Neal

Accounting Assistant III, Raggio Research Center

(775) 784-7783

Judy Otteson

Administrative Assistant IV, Dean's Office

(775) 682-9653

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Colleen Parkyn

Administrative Assistant IV, Office of Clinical Experiences, Assessment, and Career Services

(775) 784-6248

Roxanne Piskel

Roxanne Piskel, B.A.

Program Coordinator, NevadaTeach

(775) 682-8715

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Stephanie Pyle


(775) 784-6336

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Ida Roberts, B.S.

Administrative Assistant IV, NCED

(775) 682-9055

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Jill Smith

Administrative Assistant II, Clinical Experiences, Assessment and Career Services

(775) 784-6248

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Kelly Smith

Administrative Assistant IV, Child and Family Research Center

(775) 784-6762

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Pam Smith

Admin Assistant III, Raggio Research Center


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Shirie Wallace

(775) 682-5551

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Melissa Westphal, B.A.

Administrative Assistant III, NCED

(775) 682-9053

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Cindy Wood

(775) 784-4971

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