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Featured Programs

The Summer Institute Mentor Program

Kelly Rubero coordinates our Summer Institute Mentor Program, which is a marvelous opportunity for four or five TCs every summer.
These TCs take part in the Summer Institute in a very different way than they did their first time through: they assist new fellows in creating new demonstration lessons.


Mentors earn a credit for the preparation work they do to serve as mentors.

Mentors also earn a stipend for the time they spend attending the Summer Institute.

Contact Kelly for information on becoming a mentor in next year's Summer Institute.

The Writers Group Community

If you enjoyed the act of becoming a writer during your Summer Institute, this community was designed for you.
Maureen McBride is starting a new NNWP Writers Group, which will meet once a month to read and respond to writing that is being done by our TCs. All types of writing are shared.

TCs who participate can earn up to two credits annually for the time they attend.

Contact Maureen for information about this long-running community.

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