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Graphics Room

Students in the graphics room

The Graphics Room is a self-use facility that offers students, faculty, and teachers a full complement of equipment for producing education materials. There is no charge for use of the equipment in the Graphics Room, just for the materials used. The Graphics Room is for materials that patrons make themselves, whereas the Media Library provides educational materials that are already made.

Graphics Room Facilities

Some of the equipment and supplies in the Graphics Room include:

  • Laminators
  • Color printer
  • ChartPrinter for posters & banners
  • Ellison Lettering Machine & a variety of lettering and symbols
  • Poster boards, 3-panel display boards, foam core
  • Construction paper, astrobrite paper, bulletin board paper, and card stock
  • Spiral binding machine & combs
  • Various mounting techniques: spray mount, glue guns, Velcro
  • Opaque projector

Use Policy

The use of the LRC equipment purchased by generous sponsors is free and is open for current UNR students, faculty, staff, and current WCSD teachers, librarians, counselors, teachers outside of Washoe County District in the contiguous school districts of Lyon, Churchill, and Carson City and BADA patrons. The only charge is for materials used. Patrons will find a Learning & Resource Center Charge Sheet on the door to the Graphics Room to keep track of materials and they can then pay at the front desk. Any current UNR student, faculty, staff can use the computers in the lab with their username and password. WCSD librarians and teachers may use the iMacs. Recycling is a must in the Graphics lab and persons who use this lab are requested to recycle the material they use by placing them in the proper recycle bins in the lab.

Graphics Assistance

The Learning & Resource Center has written instructions on most of the graphics equipment to guide first-time users. Additionally, staff in the Center can help with equipment use.

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